Nail polish repair, or hand cream is good for leather bag cracked

Nail Polish Repair

If it's only a small trace, then you can get a bottle of nail polish whose color is similar to the bag and apply it to the location where the bag has scratches. It is important that you must find a close color, otherwise not only did not play the role of repair, but will directly affect the beauty of the bag. After wear the nail polish, just wait time to let it dry. The last but most important is to apply another transparent nail polish to protect the original color and restore the gloss of the bag.

Hand Cream

If the edges of the bag have wear, then why not try to apply the hand cream to made the edges more soft and avoid the continued wear. This is only suitable for the wear parts of the relatively small range. For more serious or relatively large wear, such methods will have little effect.

Professional repair service

If the bag wear has been so serious that's it's difficult to deal with, we would recommend to ask for help of professional repair service

To avoid wear and tear of leather bags, here are some tips! Pay attention to the following points when using bag: try to avoid friction with hard objects; some jewelry of clothes or pants will also harm the bag, which should be paid special attention to; do not place sharp objects inside the bag to avoid direct damage to the bag; store the bag to maintain a safe distance from hard objects. Do not pull and drag, otherwise it is easy to damage the bag.

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