2013 - Initial development

Jelly Aomos was born in 2013, registered in the UK, in collaboration with British design house TEXMODEL. At the beginning, Jelly Aomos was all about "British style on the arm", with bright colors.

2015 - Style transformation, continuous progress

In 2015, Jelly Aomos sought to transform its style in response to the call for "quality" manufacturing in China. Jelly Aomos began to incorporate more elements of Chinese style.

In 2016, Jelly Aomos participated in the Hong Kong Fashion Fair and the Silk Fair. After sponsoring the Chinese women's volleyball team, it became the only designated luggage brand for the Chinese women's volleyball team. The popularity continues to rise. During the same period, Jelly Aomos gradually became one of the typical examples of national brand building, accepting interviews with Anhui TV, Anhui Finance Channel, CCTV Finance Channel and Tencent Video, and winning the silver award in the brand story competition organized by the Dongguan government. Jelly Aomos was launched at the beginning, with sales channels based on private domain traffic and offline shops, with sales of over 10 million. It has become a business card of Dongguan-made luggage independent brand.


2020-Reflections on the dilemma, channel reconfiguration

In 2020, after the epidemic, the wind of Jitterbug e-commerce and live sales suddenly rose, and Jelly Aomos, backed by a strong group of factories, quickly set up a team to enter the online live broadcast. The B-side is mostly supplied by the million fans of the net celebrity anchors, who further familiarize themselves with the style of the products carried by Jitterbug Live and provide feedback to the C-side.


2021, fast-paced era to retain the sense of quality

After 2020, with the awakening of contemporary women's consciousness, Jelly Aomos has decided to return to the original idea of "Act on my own style", presenting handbags with a simple, atmospheric and textured style for modern women who are eager to embody their female strength. Jelly Aomos bags are designed for modern women who aspire to embody their feminine power. In a fast-paced era where the boundaries of work, family and social life are intertwined, women's handbags often carry multiple functions.

In a fast-paced era where the boundaries of work, family and social life are blended, women's handbags often serve multiple functions. For this reason, Jelly Aomos bags are lightweight and highly functional, allowing the modern woman to be at ease with her busy schedule. Secondly, Jelly Aomos has chosen a simple, classic shape, combined with solid colored cowhide, to create a high quality bag that is suitable for many occasions and styles.

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