The Start of Jelly Aomos

Dongguan Shunqi Handbag Industry Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1995. After 27 years of exploration and development, the company’s business has spanned Eurasia.The company has independent design studios in the United Kingdom and invests in factories all over the Southeast Asia. It has nearly 1000 employees and an annual output value of more than 100million yuan. The company has rich main business, including gift wrapping, international trade bags, high-end luxury handbags and leather products,etc., which can meet the diversified production and development needs of different customers.

The development of Jelly Aomos

In 2017, Shunqi Handbag Industry Co.,Ltd., with its solid process level, automated production line and a large number of product patents,passed the Dongguan high-tech enterprise certification, and was selected as a government multiplication enterprise.

In 2018, the company has expanded large-scale manufacturing bases overseas(such as Myanmar and Vietnam,etc.). In order to break down tariff barriers to international trade,the company will continue to invest and lay out in GSP(generalized system of preferences) countries such as Indonesia. In the 27-year development of the bag industry, we have gained many solid partners, such as LVMH, Kenzo, Pinko, YSL, Armani, Calvin Klein, Tommy hilfiger and Lyn,etc. In addition to overseas partners,our company also attaches great importance to the development of the domestic sales sector. Interiorly,we provide services for Lining and other e-commerce brands, live streamer and private domain customers. In order to adapt to the fast changing of fast  fashion field, even if we receive orders for thousands of products, we can complete the process from development to production and delivery within a month.

With the dream of Chinese brands, supported by strong production capacity, Shunqi Handbag Industry Co.,Ltd.established its own brand——JELLY AOMOS in 2013.In the early days, with the help of British designer studios, the brand focused on independently designed British-style of middle and high-end bags, with the “British style on the arm” as the brand feature, it has been praised by consumers.

In March, 2014, Jelly Aomos’s series of products with British style as the main concept makes their first appearance. Our products and the promotional videos shot by British models have received unanimous praise from the insiders. After that,we signed straregic cooperation agreements with Wanda Cultural Tourism City, Hong Kong Fashion Fair, Maritime Silk Expo,etc.

In 2016, the founder of JELLY AOMOS was interviewed by Anhui Satellite TV.In the same year, he was interviewed by the program team of Tencent Video “Dongguan City Power”.

In 2017, JELLY AOMOS won the silver award of the Corporate Brand Story Competition held by the Dongguan Municipal Government.

In 2021, JELLY AOMOS entered the Douyin live-streaming platform. With good product quality and excellent supply chain, JELLY AOMOS has been loved by many head live-streamers on Douyin and has reached an in-depth cooperation agreement with them. In November, 2021, JELLY AOMOS passed the ace factory certification of Douyin.

The Dream of Jelly Aomos

In the fast-paced era of marginal integration of work, family, social networking and other scenes, JELLY AOMOS chooses simple and classic bag types, combined with solid color and high-quality cowhide to make bags that meet the needs of contemporary women with strong production capacity. Looking forward to the future, Shunqi Group and JELLY AOMOS will continue to gorge ahead and make further progress. We will strive to become a gold-lettered signboard of MADE IN CHINA.

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